Currently, eBay Valet only accepts electronic goods.
We will be expanding the range of items we sell in the near future.

A list of item categories we accept can be found:

We are the new and simple way to sell your electronic goods on eBay. All you need to do is fill out a form and send us your item, we will handle the rest. Your products will be inspected and tested by our team and listed with professional photography, ensuring you get the highest prices for your goods.

We have been working with eBay for over 12 years and have sold over 250,000 unique items. One of our experienced team members will analyse eBay’s internal sold history data to determine exactly how much your item is worth. We then list your item slightly above market value and discount it by 5% each week until it sells.

Of course, with our form you can let us know exactly what price you want the item to be sold at. We will automatically discount your item by 5% each week until it sells.

No, sending the item to us is FREE!

Once your item arrives at our warehouse, we will list it within 72 hours (excluding weekends). The item will be inspected, tested and professional photography will be taken within this time.

Once your item sells on eBay, and we receive the funds from the customer, money will be transferred directly to your nominated PayPal/Bank Account.

At the moment, we will only be able to accept 5 items from each customer at any one time.

Yes, you will be provided with real time information on exactly where your item is at all times, including when it arrives at our warehouse, when it is listed and when it sells.

We currently only accept electronic goods with a value of over $50. If you are unsure of the value of your item, feel free to email our support team for a free price estimation at contact@odeo.com.au.

A list of item categories we accept can be found:

If at any time you decide that you would rather keep your item, you can click on the “Return Item” button and we will arrange for the item to be shipped back to you.

Unfortunately, unless there is an error in the listing we do not allow for any changes to be made. If you do spot an error in your listing feel free to let us know by clicking on “Message eBay Valet”. Once listed, the price cannot be adjusted so make sure to let us know if you have a price in mind.

Auction Fee (Optional) $3
Item Return Fee $25 (If you would like the listing ended and the item returned to you)

When your item sells:

Item Sale Price:

You Earn:
Under $250 60%
$250-$499.99 70%
$500+ 80%